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ASMPT – a unique partner at your side

Make your processes the best they can be

To do this, electronics manufacturers have a unique partner in ASMPT, because our brands stand for more than technologically leading printing and placement solutions. We are the world‘s only equipment supplier that also develops and delivers process support products (PSP) ranging from stencils, tools and consumables to cleaners and fabrics to boost your manufacturing processes.

Everything from a single source – with our extensive PSP portfolio we help operators and process engineers improve the yield and productivity of their printing processes and SMT lines. We have knowledgeable experts who work with your team to optimize printing processes, as well as a broad portfolio of tools and consumables that help you to get the most from your equipment.

This applies not only to ASMPT‘s own DEK printing platforms. Equipment from other companies can also deliver peak performance with process support products. And as part of ASMPT, the world‘s largest equipment supplier to the electronics industry, we are present globally – with logistics centers, sales offices, personalized support, and process consultants for all our process support products. This makes it possible to run simple and standardized purchasing and support processes in all locations.

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