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DEK VectorGuard™ frame solutions

Invest in one frame, use multiple foils

DEK VectorGuard™ frame system allows assembly specialists to use a single frame to accommodate multiple stencil foils for different products. Foils are loaded into the frame using air pressure, then DEK VectorGuard™’s unique tensioning system engages to hold the foil securely in place. Available in a classic and high tension version, DEK VectorGuard™ is ideal for fast changeover and manufacturing flexibility.


  • Space-efficient foil storage; 75% space savings vs. conventional framed stencils
  • Fast changeover in seconds
  • A single frame accommodates multiple foils
  • Broad compatibility with all current printer brands

DEK VectorGuard™ Classic frame:

  • Well-suited for standard SMT processes that don’t include ultra-fine-pitch, highly miniaturized dimensions
  • Cost-effective, versatile

DEK VectorGuard™ High Tension frame:

  • 45% – 65% greater tension than traditional mesh-mounted frames and more tension than DEK VectorGuard™ Classic frames
  • Designed for printing ultra-fine-pitch, miniaturized dimensions
  • Provides extreme solder paste definition with superior transfer efficiency

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