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NEW: Smart Stencil

Unique, RFID-based all-in-one solution for monitoring stencil lifecycles

Declines in tension and surface quality, which are normal as stencils age, reduce the quality, yield and process stability of the solder paste printing process. The RFID tags provided by ASMPT make it possible for the first time to monitor the service life of stencils as easily and conveniently as seamlessly. DEK printers equipped with the Smart Stencil option record each printing cycle on the RFID tag even if the stencil is used in different lines. Never again will the use of outdated stencils hurt the quality and efficiency of your printing process.

  • Easy and fast ordering via our stencil online order system
  • Process stability through seamless service life management
  • For stencils from all manufacturers (customers can apply RFID tags themselves)
  • Ability to store a stencil profile
  • Customer-definable warning and maximum thresholds

Discover the advantages of Smart Stencils.