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ASMPT Stencil network

Largest, global stencil network

All ASMPT factories and partners in the global stencil network operate with the same materials and equipment in accordance with strictly certified procedures.



  • Consulting – The worldwide network of ASMPT offices, service centers and partners guarantees close proximity, quick responses, and fast, competent help on site.
  • Application support – In our five SMT Centers of Competence (CoCs), which are spread around the world, we provide application support, check designs, offer improvement workshops, as well as simulate and test specific printing processes in a realistic environment.
  • Convenient ordering, fast delivery – we guarantee fast shipment – up to our Premium Rush Service with its 4-hour delivery time.
  • DFM HealthCheck – With this pioneering process, state-of-the-art expert system and big data technologies you can print right away, eliminating the need for time-wasting NPI test runs.