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DEK Multi-level stencils

Outstanding printing for any component mix

Produced with the latest micro-milling technology, DEK Multi-level (step) stencils offer extremely tight tolerances to allow consistent printing for PCBs that contain fine-pitch parts arranged over a large area and/or a high mix of components. Exceptional accuracy and repeatability are possible with single stencil printing, even with complex board designs.

  • Excellent print performance for micro BGAs, 0.3 mm QFPs and small components such as 0201s
  • Flexible design for pressure-sensitive areas, allows squeegee pressure reduction
  • Adaptable for any component mix or configuration
  • Minimized material waste due to optimized surface structure
  • Compatible with standard mesh-mounted or DEK VectorGuard™ frames

Does your machine have a challenging component arrangement? Call us about DEK Multi-level stencils.