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DEK PumpPrint™/Adhesive stencils

High throughput, flexible adhesive deposition

As an alternative to the slower serial process of needle dispensing, the DEK PumpPrint™/Adhesive stencils allow parallel processing of adhesive materials, printing them in a single stroke. A unique acrylic construction and precisely machined apertures facilitate adhesive deposits ranging from 75 µm to 1 mm in height.

  • Higher throughput than conventional adhesive dot dispensing
  • Elimination of nozzle changeover
  • Lightweight and solvent-resistant
  • Underside routing clears components, cut and clinched through hole leads, paste and solder mask
  • Available for DEK VectorGuard™ Classic frame system for effective resource redeployment

Discover the advantages of DEK PumpPrint™/Adhesive stencils.