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Paste Nozzle Cap

DEK Solder paste nozzles

Eliminate the drip, tip clean-up and messy, time-consuming nozzle changes that come with standard dispense tips.

Nitrile Gloves

DEK Gloves

Get a clean grip on your print process with DEK Latex and DEK Powder-free blue nitrile gloves.

DEK Pre-saturated wipes

Quick clean-up on the line is made easy with convenient and effective pre-saturated wipes.

SMT Swabs

DEK Precision Swabs

Perfect for SMT and cleanroom applications where precision is needed for small dimension cleaning.

Solder Paste Spatula

DEK Spatulas

Color-coded, durable, lightweight and easy to grip, DEK Spatulas are an essential tool on the line.

Electronic Equipment Cleaning Sprays

DEK Cleaning sprays

Convenient cleaning of electronics assembly applications for improved productivity at the lowest possible cost.


Keep the printing process clean and efficient

The proper inputs deliver efficiency and convenience to the printing process. ASMPT’s consumables have been designed by printing experts to ensure you have the right tools for optimized print performance and excellent outcomes.

  • Improve productivity
  • Maximize understencil cleaning effectiveness
  • Keep printing accessories clean and ready for use

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