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DEK Pre-saturated wipes

Cleaning up has never been easier

DEK Pre-saturated wipes allow for fast, efficient, convenient and effective cleaning on the factory floor.

  • DEK IPA/DI wipes – For general cleaning applications. 70% IPA, 30% de-ionized water.
  • DEK Stencil clean wipes – For effective, non-abrasive cleaning of surface mount stencils and screens.
  • DEK Adhesive remover – Quickly remove adhesives from surface mount stencils and screens with a particle-free, controlled evaporation cleaner.
  • DEK Hand cleaner wipes – Pre-saturated, disposable wipes are ideal for environments where cleanliness is required for critical component handling.

NEW: DEK IPA/DI 96-4 Pre-saturated SMT Cleaning Wipes with its 96% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and 4% deionized Water (DI) is perfect for cleaning applications with a very fast evaporation time.

Your benefits:

  • Increased cleaning effectiveness for SMT stencil cleaning application.
  • Rapid evaporation reducing drying time on stencil surface.
  • High performance cleaner product that can be used for other SMT cleaning applications:
    • Reflow Ovens
    • Selective nozzles
    • PWBs/PCBs
    • PCB pallets
    • Optics for backend applications
    • Heatsinks or IC packages

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