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DEK Self Adjusting Paste Deflectors (SAPDs)

Changing print pressure without adjusting the height of the paste deflectors

The profile of the deflectors and their construction ensures no paste migration during operation, therefore maintaining reliable performance from the first to last print. There is no set up required per product, so risk of stencil coining due to product changeover is eliminated. The deflectors can be removed from the assembly without the need of tools with the simple ‘clip-in’ design.

Features and benefits:

  • Drastically reduction of paste wastage through much reduced tram lines.
  • Fast Return on Invest because of much reduced paste wastage
  • More consistent paste roll
  • Reduced operator intervention
  • Increased ease of cleaning
  • Less risk of cross-contamination due to their enclosed system,ease of cleaning and ability to ‘clip’ in new deflectors per product.

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